Amcat - *** spammers they are

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Once you register for AMCAT, you cannot unsubscribe from their emailers. They use this mass spam emails numbers to fool companies that they have reach with millions of students/professionals but the truth is that no one gives a *** about their spam emails.

I wrote to them about this but they have not given any reply. They just want to monetise on the number of spams. A company clamming to provide jobs to thousands of software engineers itself has made a faulty software that does not have basic functionality.

Their email amount has reached a irritation point and I advice everyone suffering from this to spam on their facebook page with comments and spam their email inbox with complaints. Let them get the taste of their own strategy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Amcat - Spam Emails

Not resolved

Never ending spam emails. Cannot unsubscribe.

Moreover I dont even remember the password, and when i click on forgot password, it says invalid password. Nonsense. Pathetic. Idiotic.

Who writes 100 words for a review. Even this site is irritating. I do not want to write more but I am forced to write so I am writing all this because I have to complete 100 words. This feels pathetic.

Is this site also formed by Amcat to irritate us more.

aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, ff, g, h, ij kl mn op qr st uv wx yz blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Finally I made 100 words.

Reason of review: email spam.

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AMCAT's spam e-mails

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Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services

I was about to seriously consider taking an AMCAT test (which itself is a big mistake) and then, somehow, AMCAT has acquired my email address (there are multiple instances where I have visited the site).

Now, I am ending up with spam. There is no 'unsubscribe' button and the company is rude.

(They haven't removed me from the list despite several replies) I don't know if the test is nice.

I don't care about it because, I may never be taking it either. As a person, I would love to spread the message that, spamming companies rarely carry any value.

Reason of review: Spam e-mails.

Preferred solution: Removal of my e-mail address from the spamming list.

I liked: Some people have got jobs through the test.

I didn't like: Spams.

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